Tear Gas and Petrol Bomb Countermeasure Programme.

发表于 十一月 19, 2019
The current situation in Hong Kong is a threat to the ability of businesses to protect their employees and building occupants from the effects of CS(Tear Gas) and continue normal operations.

Tear gas is widely being used, and while not directly lethal common effects after exposure include nasal and throat irritation, chest burning, ocular irritation and tearing, headache, chemical skin burns and irritation within 30 seconds of inhalation or skin contact. Vomiting and nausea can also be side effects. There are increasing reports of commercial office workers complaining being released to go home.

Is Tear Gas Lethal or Have Carcinogenic Effects?

·  Rarely lethal unless dispersed in a way that the canister causes physical injury from impact
·  A class of particulate powders released into air as aerosol fine mist
·  Targets pain-sensing receptors in the human body
·  Exposure to tear gas has been linked to deterioration of lung function, new onset asthma, and chronic       obstructive pulmonary disease
·  Psychological trauma and fear from being affected

As CS gas is airborne and a particulate, it can easily be brought into dwellings, cars, and other enclosed spaces anywhere air can go. Contaminated air is brought into buildings via the ventilation system, building leakage and can also be dispersed through secondary exposure from someone or items that have been exposed to CS gas and are later brought in to another location.

Tear gas is heat-activatedThus a threat to computers and sensitive mechanical equipment.

PureLiving Comprehensive Solution

To ensure business continuity while offering protection and confidence to occupants of commercial spaces, PureLiving recommends building operators, owners and managers employ a program of defensive countermeasures and protection against tear gas.


PureLiving has provided health & safety and peace of mind during emergency situations for nearly a decade in Asia.


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