【Case Study】复工进行时—共享办公空间WhiteSpace的工作空间就绪评估

Posted on March 18, 2020

前言 Perface:



In recent years, "sharing" has become a new fashion. Whitespace is a shared meeting room, which not only creates an economic and flexible workplace for enterprises, but also takes into account the mission of creating a high-quality office environment and ma...

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Posted on February 21, 2020
The following article comes from 中立格林传感科技 Author TONGDY Read more

PureLiving Covid-19 Defense Package境纯新冠状病毒先行防御套餐

Posted on February 5, 2020
Due to the ongoing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China, PureLiving has put together a series of control measure to help business’s prepare for the resumption of daily operations, whilst limiting the chance of the virus spreading throughout their facility. 针对新型冠状病毒(COVID-19)在中国的持续爆发,境纯已经制 定了一系列的防控措施,帮助企业为恢复日常运营做准备,同时 降低病毒在企业中的传播风险。 Read more