“We recently got our home indoor air tested by a Chinese lab. They gave us a ‘report’ with the data and basically a one-line conclusion. I can guess what the pollutants are and the limits are in numbers, but it takes a lot of effort. Plus the laboratory does not tell you the source of the pollutants, and how you can improve your indoor air quality. You have to do all the research yourself and make ‘educated’ guesses. A company like PureLiving is the way to go...” 

Mei Ling

“The water filter you recommended is working perfectly! Thank you so much! We noticed a big difference – the water is much softer, and we can’t taste metal at all. It’s been a big hit as my daughter always drinks while playing in the bath.”

Maral Milne

"We used PureLiving for an indoor mold issue that we identified. PureLiving was responsive and very professional, firstly in arranging the mold testing and secondly and more importantly in helping to remediate and remove the mold. They oversaw the complete project for us as our landlord is based overseas, and we were incredibly satisfied with their work and would have no hesitation in recommending PureLiving to others."

James Gooding