“Working with PureLiving team has been a completely unique experience, never have we dealt with a partner that has shown such dedication. Thanks to PureLiving we are in a place where we know we are able to support our clients with IAQ issues. We look forward to continuing to work with PureLiving in the future and share in the success that our joint offering will bring.”

Michael Shen Regional Parts Director

"We team up with for their great knowledge and expertise in IAQ. I have been very impressed with their consistency and quality of delivery. It was a pleasure working with and I really appreciate their assistance. "

Xuchao Wu Associate Director Energy & Sustainability Services Shanghai

“We have been a longtime partner with PureLiving and always appreciated the dynamic support PureLiving has provided to GIGA. Access to the knowledge of PureLiving’s IAQ solutions has helped us develop a clear and common understanding of each other’s business, which enables us to build comprehensive and profitable solutions while decreasing our time-to-market.”

Raefer Wallis Founder
Fosun Building


Industry: Real Estate                 Size of Project: 4,000


  • Installed Pure-Qi™ re-circulating air filtration system
  • Implemented Total-Care™ Maintenance service
  • Deployed continuous indoor monitors to track real-time air quality
  • Completed operational training by PureLiving consultants


  • Ambient indoor level meets US EPA standards
  • Solution delivered within a tight timeline due to delayed scheduling of project

Siemens (DBest)

Siemens was concerned about increasing outdoor air pollution levels and identified health as a top priority throughout its China offices and factories. Siemens turned to their general contractor, DBEST, who brought in the IEQ professional, PureLiving, to assist in designing the air filtration solution of the overall project. Siemens set a target of guaranteeing indoor air quality within US EPA standards of PM2.5 <35 μg/m3 and needed to make the improvements without disturbing daily operations at over 100 locations throughout China. PureLiving helped Siemens designed and installed automated in-ceiling air filtration system, monitoring system, and online real-time data platform. 


Wangjing Tower

Industry: Real estate

With a focus on air purification, we provided a unique new filtration solution called Pure-Qi, with unsurpassed effectiveness at a low cost. The Pure-Qi ceiling fitted air cleaner is a quiet, out of sight air cleaning unit which can effectively remove PM2.5 from interior spaces. We customized the Pure-Qi with range of variable air velocities within each unit to allow for the Pure-Qi to cater for a wide range of areas. 


EcoControl System (ECS™)

PureLiving's award-winning, patented EcoControl System (ECS™) is a smart management system that provides a single point of control for fresh air and filtration. ECS works in conjunction with sophisticated monitors to respond real-time to air pollution levels and adjust the operation mode accordingly, reducing operating costs and energy charges while still maintaining healthy air quality. ECS also monitoris filter performance at the unit level, notifying you when it is time to change filters for higher effciency.

Ventmate EN

Ventmate: Fresh Air for Meeting Rooms

Ventmate is a simple, quiet, and smart in-ceiling unit which senses bad quality air via a CO2 sensor to deliver on-demand ventilation into meeting rooms, making your meetings more productive. 
The unit quietly and automatically delivers lower CO2 air into the meeting room when the meeting room CO2 exceeds the pre-determined point of 1000ppm based on ASHRAE guideline 62.1.

Total care

PureLiving Total Care™

Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring your air quality is always the best it can be. PureLiving's certified Total Care™ maintenance provides dedicated after-sales care for your Pure-Qi™ and other HVAC systems.