At PureLiving, we provide solutions that offer clear added value to our customers. We create this value by partnering with like-minded organizations. We focus on building strong relationships with dedicated service providers and suppliers, as well as on forming partnerships with other technology leaders. Much of our success comes from the mutual respect and long-term loyalty built with all our partners.

The PureLiving Channel Partner Program is designed to help Resellers, Agents, and Dealers accelerate their solution sales. Please contact us for more information.  


“Working with PureLiving team has been a completely unique experience, never have we dealt with a partner that has shown such dedication. Thanks to PureLiving we are in a place where we know we are able to support our clients with IAQ issues. We look forward to continuing to work with PureLiving in the future and share in the success that our joint offering will bring.”

Michael Shen Regional Parts Director

"We team up with PureLiving for their great knowledge and expertise in IAQ. I have been very impressed with their consistency and quality of delivery. It was a pleasure working with PureLiving and I really appreciate their assistance. "

Xuchao Wu Associate Director Energy & Sustainability Services Shanghai

“We have been a longtime partner with PureLiving and always appreciated the dynamic support PureLiving has provided to GIGA. Access to the knowledge of PureLiving’s IAQ solutions has helped us develop a clear and common understanding of each other’s business, which enables us to build comprehensive and profitable solutions while decreasing our time-to-market.”

Raefer Wallis Founder

Tensin Japanese School

Industry: Education

PureLiving drew upon its years of experience engineering healthy indoor environments to take on the challenge of filtering a whole gym. Due to the size and complexity of large spaces, traditional filtration systems are insufficient to filter the huge volumes of air. PureLiving engineers designed a filtration system capable of recirculating air through high efficiency filters five times per hour using blowers moving 50,000 cubic meter per hour. Design and installation was completed within 41 days. 


Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Industry: Finance/Professional Service

Bank of America Merrill Lynch was conducting office restacking in multiple phases in its Beijing office. PureLiving conducted indoor air quality testing, weekly inspections, and provided remedial recommendations to monitor and minimize pollutant emissions from entering occupied staff areas. 



Industry: FMCG

With a focus on air purification, we provided our unique filtration solution called Pure-Qi, with unsurpassed effectiveness at a low cost. The Pure-Qi ceiling fitted air cleaner is a quiet, out of sight air cleaning unit which can effectively remove PM2.5 from interior spaces. We customized the Pure-Qi with range of variable air velocities within each unit to allow for the Pure-Qi to cater for a wide range of areas. 


PureLiving Brochure

PureLiving is an indoor environmental consulting company that has a simple mission: to help our clients test the quality of their air and water using international standards, identify sources of pollution, and then eliminate them to create healthy indoor homes and workplaces.  Our total range of solutions includes pollutant testing, test interpretation, independent third-party resolution of problem areas, and consumer education. In addition to air and water quality, we also test for and solve lead and mold contamination.


Every Breath We Take

Titled Every breath we take – transforming the health of China’s office space, the publication published in partnership with indoor environmental quality consultancy PureLiving China lays out what it calls the “3 As strategy” – Assess, Act and Assure – in order to help stakeholders in the office market create spaces that employees will want to work in, giving them the edge needed in China to attract and retain top talent in the increasingly competitive marketplace. 


Pure-Qi Automated Filtration System

Pure-Qi automated filtration system is a unique high efficiency in-ceiling air cleaner with multiple modular functions for various pollutants.