PureLiving expands into Hong Kong

Posted on October 17, 2017
by PureLiving
PureLiving HK new office open

PureLiving, Asia’s leading indoor environmental solutions provider, is opening a new office in Hong Kong, marking the group’s fifth office across Greater China. The new Hong Kong office, supported by a team of environmental experts, will allow PureLiving to better support its clients in Hong Kong and give greater focus to projects in the region.

“Ambient air quality has deteriorated in Greater China, which in turn has led to unhealthy indoor environments,” says Mark Richardson, head of PureLiving’s new Hong Kong office. “As people spend significant proportions of their time indoors, it has become imperative to design and operate buildings to provide clean and safe air. PureLiving enables solutions which deliver this. We have a large portfolio of successful projects across China which provides a solid base experience to continue delivering world class solutions.”

“We are excited to officially be in Hong Kong after having served it for so many years from Shanghai. Having people on the ground will enable us to better serve our existing clients and new clients, both in Hong Kong and southern China. While Hong Kong doesn’t have the same PM 2.5 challenges that Beijing does, Hong Kong does have other indoor environmental challenges due to its hot, humid climate,” says PureLiving President and founder Louie Cheng. “In addition, our deep experience in Green Building certifications is in high demand among many of our clients with properties in Hong Kong."

PureLiving has completed over 6,000 projects since 2010, helping clients improve their indoor environment in both commercial and residential buildings. Along with the new Hong Kong office, they now have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, and New Delhi.

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About PureLiving


PureLiving is a leading indoor environmental consulting company with a simple mission: to help our clients create healthy homes and workplaces.Our expert team of building engineers, HVAC specialists, and environmental consultants advises clients on air and water quality, mold, asbestos and lead exposure issues and helps to improve their indoor environmental quality through testing to identify sources of pollution and then eliminating them. Our total range of solutions includes pollutant testing, design and installation of cutting-edge filtration systems, monitoring, and odor and chemical reduction.


With operations in six cities across China, Hong Kong, and India, PureLiving is the industry’s provider of choice for assessment, engineering, implementation, and monitoring of indoor environmental quality.