In the post-COVID era, what do dental clinics need to do to keep people safe?

COVID-19 continues to be a global problem, especially for the dental industry: during treatment, biological aerosols (including saliva, blood, microbes trapped under the gums, etc.) spread into the air and cover surfaces in the treatment room, posing a threat to the health of dentists, hygienists, and patients. While these aerosols have always been a challenge, COVID-19 highlights the issues related to indoor environmental quality and need for disinfection.

Problems faced:

l How should the clinic prevent contamination from spreading via surfaces?

l How to quickly and effectively disinfect treatment rooms between patients?

l How to maintain a comfortable environment as the patient load increases?

l How to keep noise volume of purification and disinfection equipment low to not affect patients?

l How to verify that the indoor environment is meeting recommended standards and ensure continuous monitoring in the future?

l How to reassure dentists and hygienists about their own health and safety?

l How to reassure patients about the steps the clinic is taking to ensure their safety?

PureSmile, a top brand in the Greater Chinese dental industry, contacted PureLiving for a solution to the above problems.



After a field visit to understand PureSmile’s specific site conditions, PureLiving recommended a solution.



(1) Eliminate bioaerosols:

Install in-ceiling air filtration equipment with H14 high efficiency filter and UV sterilization lamps to purify and disinfect the air at the same time.  Include a suction arm attached to the filtration equipment which can be directed to high spray areas for quicker capture and disinfection.

(2) Rapidly disinfect:

Place a portable “fogger” in each treatment room.  The fogger creates a fog of ClO2 solution (US EPA-approved for safety and performance for indoor disinfection); the fog can reach all surfaces in the room for quick, non-manual disinfection and has a non-obtrusive odor.

(3) Verify that the indoor environment continues to meet recommended standards:

Provide IAQ (indoor air quality) monitors connected to Qlear (a data analysis and display platform) to display the real-time environmental quality status, eliminating the concerns of employees and patients.  Qlear can also be configured to automatically send alerts to the office manager, warning when air quality does not confirm to recommended standards.


Project Results:

(1) Bioaerosols:

According to on-site surrogate bioaerosol tests, the installed in-ceiling air filtration equipment reduced bioaerosols by 96% with the attached suction arm, and a portable version with suction arm achieved reductions of 92%. The in-ceiling air filtration option is preferred because it creates a negative pressure environment, which increases the fresh air in the room and removes potential pathogen and bacteria.  Moreover, in-ceiling equipment is quieter than portable equipment, leading to a more pleasant patient and working experience.  Finally, the in-ceiling version takes up less of the limited floor space of a patient room and results in less equipment “clutter”. 




*Source: QLEAR Monitoring data from real-world client testing site, August 6, 2020


(2) Rapid disinfection:

Running the fogger only takes 10 minutes for the entire treatment room’s surfaces to be treated with the ClO2 solution.  Once the fog has spread to all surfaces, another 10 minutes are needed for it to disinfect and then a final 10 minutes for ventilation. The whole process is fast, efficient, and does not depend on manual disinfection, which might miss some surfaces.


(3) Continuous monitoring:

The treatment room is equipped with an indoor environment monitor and is continuously monitored 24 hours a day for PM2.5, temperature, humidity, TVOC and CO2 on the cloud Qlear platform.  QLEAR calculates the COVID transmission risk index real-time and automatically makes recommendations based on readings.

This platform can also be displayed in the waiting room and the treatment rooms so staff and patients can knowingly enjoy a safe and healthy environment with peace of mind.



COVID transmission risk index



The dental medical industry is greatly affected during the COVID period. We committed to making indoor environment quality in our clinic the best and the safest through the adoption of the most advanced air purification and elimination technology in this special period, so that customers can come here for treatment at ease. Thanks to PureLiving for their professional consulting services and the air purification and elimination system designed for us, we have been able to maintain the operation of our clinic during the epidemic, and the number of our clients has also increased. We are so glad to work with PureLiving to create the safest environment for our patients.

—— Catherine Kwong, Founder of PureSmile


It’s exciting to apply technology and a decade of experience in infection control and operating theaters to making dental offices measurably safer. We’re proud to have partnered with PureSmile to break new ground so their patients can have true peace of mind knowing that they are being treated in a safe environment that is continuously purified and sterilized.

—— Louie Cheng, Founder of PureLiving



In the post-COVID era, more and more companies, schools and medical institutions have begun to realize the importance of indoor environment, and considering taking actions to ensure the health and safety of their employees and visiting customers, also enhance their unique style in the competitive market, so as to enhance their reputations in their industries. With 10 years of experience in IEQ industry, PureLiving could provide you the most suitable turn-key solution to help your business/school “reboot” successfully.


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