Performance Guarantee

Posted on July 24, 2017

PureLiving’s market-leading performance guarantee is the promise that we stand by our solutions.

Whether working on a residential mold remediation, office decoration chemical removal, or controlling PM2.5 for a whole building, we guarantee our solutions will meet your project requirements and selected standards for indoor occupant health.

A PureLiving solution is underpinned by expert knowledge and thought leadership from across a range of building science and engineering disciplines. We design a solution based on the client’s needs, site conditions, and budget, selecting from new and innovative solutions which we have tested in-house and from solutions which have repeatedly proven their efficacy and reliability for a range of our clients in different environments. We are so confident in the high quality and performance of our carefully designed solutions that, in the unlikely event there are any issues, we guarantee we will put them right immediately. Our performance guarantee is part of our commitment to total client satisfaction and high-quality solutions.

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* Check contract for full terms and conditions