【Case Study】复工进行时—共享办公空间WhiteSpace的工作空间就绪评估

Posted on March 18, 2020

前言 Perface:



In recent years, "sharing" has become a new fashion. Whitespace is a shared meeting room, which not only creates an economic and flexible workplace for enterprises, but also takes into account the mission of creating a high-quality office environment and making people comfortable.


项目背景 Project Background:



For nearly a month after the COVID outbreak, companies have chosen to work remotely from home. Sharing office also because of the personnel density and the use of personnel uncertainty and other factors, so that people flinch. Now the epidemic situation tends to be stable and fall back. How to use the shared meeting space safely and healthily has become the most concerned point of people.




Communication and cooperation has always been the eternal brand of human society. The idea of whitespace is to solve the problem of face-to-face communication between people. As a leader in the field of "shared meeting room", whitespace cares most about the safety and health of users. Therefore, they contacted pureliving and hoped that through pureliving's "workspace readiness assessment" service, the conference room and office space could be systematically evaluated to find out the deficiencies in various aspects of virus prevention and control, so as to improve rapidly, so that all users sharing the meeting room can use it safely. At the same time, at the time of emerging shared conference room industry, whitespace hopes to create marketing differences in the increasingly competitive market and realize their eternal pursuit of "never forget the original intention and user first".


项目内容 Project Content:

  • 准备情况评估 Readiness assessment

  • 关于病毒防御的改进措施建议 Recommendations for improving virus defence

  • 后续执行的不间断管理 Follow-up and continuous management


评估表内容 Assessment Form:



PureLiving's senior indoor environment consultant, met with WhiteSpace employees to discuss each of the 30 assessment points, depending on the assessment form



PureLiving Engineer measured temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5 and other parameters in three floors and eight office Spaces in WhiteSpace



According to three aspects: Basic Assessment, HVAC System Assessment, IAQ Assessment Scoring Standards, WhiteSpace scored Medium.


PureLiving的建议及改进举措 PureLiving's Recommendation and Improving Measure



PureLiving suggested that WhiteSpace should improve in five areas, including HVAC and ventilation systems, office entry policies, office cleaning practices, personal protection, and ongoing management of follow-up implementation.


PureLiving观点 PureLiving's Suggestion



The shared office space under the epidemic is now facing a huge challenge. How to reassure worried people that they are in a safe and healthy office environment is shared office managers’ priority. Whitespace hopes that PureLiving, as a third-party testing agency, will be the first in the industry to thoroughly and systematically test and analyze its own premises, detect deficiencies and take timely measures.





Through the rapid implementation of WhiteSpace problem solving, the improvement measures proposed by PureLiving have been fully perfected and achieved the expectation. Office space is now safe for use. PureLiving also took the opportunity to organize a three-day leadership mission in the conference room at WhiteSpace after the "reorganization." During the three days, we can fully feel the complete supporting facilities, thoughtful service and clean environment of the conference space.

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