Case Study: Excel Centre Beijing

Posted on July 30, 2019

Excel Centre is a premium Grade A office building located on Beijing Financial Avenue. Understanding that improved working environments guarantee the interests of stakeholders, the building owner wanted to address tenants’ IAQ concerns. By maintaining a healthy indoor environment for the tenants, the building will also receive a better reputation across industries. At the same time, however, the building owner was concerned about the impact of more filtration on the amount of ventilation and increase in operating costs. Together, PureLiving and Excel applied a new engineered solution with smart technology to achieve both better air quality and lowered operating costs.  Here’s how it happened.


  1.  >800% improved PM2.5 filtration rate 
  2. Little to no increase to pressure drop/ventilation rate 
  3. Compared to traditional high-efficiency filtration, annual operating costs would be 48% less with payback for SmartHVAC upgrade of 1 AHU in 3 years



Our team did an overall on-site testing and investigation to establish the baseline for the project. Auditing parameters include the existing fresh air system performance, filter efficiency, PM2.5 filtration rate and other key factors. Based on the on-site conditions for upgrade potential, our team developed a customized solution for Excel Centre using the information we collected.

Through customizing PureLiving’s SmartHVAC solution with energy-saving enhancements, we set our objectives to include:

  1. Improve filtration rate to 85% PM2.5 reduction vs outdoors; 
  2. Little to no increase to pressure drop
  3. Reduce system’s energy operating cost

SmartHVAC solution











We replaced the restrictive and energy consuming F7 filters with M6 and IFD (Intense Field Dielectric) filters to ensure the performance met our filtration objectives. IFD is a filtration technology which uses a strong electric field to charge particles, which are then collected on an oppositely-charged filter media. This kind of filter is washable, vastly increasing its lifetime and lowering replacement costs. Having low air resistance, IFD filters also enabled a high level of filtration while increasing the amount of incoming air ventilation.


An in-duct air quality monitor was installed to track the post-filtration air quality and system performance in real-time. Additionally, an electricity meter was installed to record the system’s energy consumption.



After upgrading the HVAC system, we conducted scheduled Total CareTM maintenance to prevent incorrect filter replacements and equipment malfunction. By checking the real-time monitor data remotely, we tracked the building IAQ to predict future maintenance needs.



This project was completed on time and met our client’s expectations:

PM2.5 Reduction Rate


One week after the filter upgrading, the PM2.5 reduction rate of the OHU is 88% during working hours. 7 weeks after the filter upgrading, the reduction rate of the OHU still above 80%.

Energy Savings

The electricity cost recorded before/after upgrading the system:

Energy Saving

Cost Saving

*The prices are for reference only.

According to the electricity record, we found that there was little increase in energy cost after upgrading the system. In the long run, PureLiving’s SmartHVAC solution saved Excel Centre about 33% of the electricity cost compared to a traditional approach (under the assumption that 2 approaches have the same PM2.5 reduction rate). The new system also requires less maintenance fee for applying reusable filters. 

Real-time data monitoring 

real-time monitoring

Having the real-time air quality shared with tenants improved their confidence in the building environment. By presenting the high-quality performance, our client has become more competitive in the market.


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