Vogmask FAQs


The most advanced particle filter mask in the world



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  • What is Vogmask? 什么是威隔口罩?

Vogmask is the best-performing, aesthetically designed mask for babies, children and adults, and is one of very few masks that meet the standards of the United States National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH). It has also passed advanced ‘real world’ fit testing and other certifications. Vogmasks filter 99.978% of PM 2.5 and are comfortable and easy to wear. The child masks are endorsed by Stanford Medical Centre Pediatricians in USA, and are the only high-performing masks designed for children on the market.

威隔口罩是一系列高性能且时尚的防污染口罩,有婴儿,儿童,成人不同型号的口罩,过滤效果达99.978%, 主要针对PM2.5。 佩戴舒适而且简单方便。特别是儿童款获得了美国斯坦福大学医疗中心儿科医生的高度认可,是市场上唯一专门为孩子们定做设计的,高性能口罩。

  • How does the mask work and where is it made? 口罩的工作原理是什么

The white material inside is a revolutionary microfiber filtration fabric. There is a nose clip in the top to ensure a tight fit around the nose and lycra around the edges. Laboratory fit testing shows that Vogmasks exceed US FDA requirements by 140%. Vogmask is manufactured in Korea and based in California, USA.

威隔口罩在韩国生产制造,和3M 口罩是同一个工厂生产的,(但是他们用的不是同一种材料制造………我们的更好!)我们的口罩里面有一层白色布料-超细纤维过滤面料,我们已获得专利。口罩上面有一个鼻夹,能够确保鼻子和周围的莱卡边缘完美贴合。通过实验显示我们的口罩远远超出美国FDA要求高达140%。

  • What testing/certifications does Vogmask have? 有什么测试/证书呢

Vogmask has been tested at the Nelson Labs in the US as well as at FROST and several other leading institutions. It meets all of the requirements for NIOSH and OSHA as well as US FDA. All the certificates are on the Vogmask website – www.vogmask.cn.

The masks have been tested in children and hold an N99 and N95 certification; the N99 means that they outperform N95 masks. They have also been endorsed by pediatricians at Stanford Medical Centre.

我们已获得美国Nelson实验室以及FROST 与其他几个领衔机构的测试报告。我们符合NIOSH和OSHA以及美国FDA的所有要求,所有证书在vogmask的官方网站均可下载,(如果有需要的话,您可以下载下来给客人看),儿童款口罩已通过测试并获得N99和N95 等级证书,N99等级比N95等级更好更高。

  • How long does Vogmask last before it needs replacing? 威隔口罩使用多长时间需要更换

The back of the packaging shows the number of recommended hours of usage. Per filtration hour, Vogmask is one of the most economical masks on the market. Not only are there no similar filters that are this durable and cost-effective, these are also far more environmentally friendly than disposable masks.

我们新的包装盒背面有使用时间推荐(在轻度污染下使用时间长达410小时,在严重的污染下最低可使用80小时) 。它们不需要更换过滤器,能够大大节省成本而且持续使用的时间也很长,比一次性的口罩更加环保,按每小时过滤算,威隔口罩是市场上最经济最实惠的口罩。

  • What sizes are available? 们有什么型号/尺寸的口罩

The masks come in 4 sizes: small child (0-3), medium child (4-6), large child (7-14) and adult (14+). See front or back of packaging for details.

青少年的适合(7-14) 岁和14岁以上成人的口罩。

  • What about patterns? 有什么图案选择呢?

New patterns are introduced a few times per year and our online and retail stores keep a great stock of updated patterns.


  • How do we take care of the masks? 需要怎么清洗呢

Vogmask may be hand washed when the inner layer begins to look dirty. Gently wash with mild soap or detergent. Rinse well and hang dry. You may use an anti-bacterial wipe.


  • What is the difference between the masks with valve and those without valve? 带阀门和不带阀门的区别

The masks with a valve have an active carbon filter and an exhalation valve. The carbon layer filters gasses such as ozone (O3), which is created from mixing sunlight with vehicle exhaust fumes and can be damaging to the lungs. It also removes more smells, which can be useful for cyclists.

The masks with valves are also convenient for spectacle-wearers, and spectacles won’t steam up with breathing.



  • What is the return policy? 退货制度

Masks that are found to be defective can be returned for exchange or refund within 90 days of purchase.


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