“You are literally a life saver!”
-Sarah Fox-Shin

“PureLiving was organized, efficient and professional in their testing and follow-up… We will continue to work with [PureLiving] in ensuring our students and their schools are safer and healthier places to learn.”
-Jeffry Stubbs, SCIS

“Before coming to China, I did not think the air quality was such a big deal, but after what happened to our daughter, I realized how much it matters. PureLiving China did a really good job to help improve the air quality.”

“What has impressed me most is the fast turnaround at very short notice…[and] quality of reports, that are both detailed and easy to understand.”
-Brian Evans, EMC

“Testing was  quick and well-organized.”

“PureLiving empowered me to not be afraid of the environmental situation.”

“Your work is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. All in all, our whole school community feels better that they are getting the best advice, and that we are in Pureliving’s capable hands.”
-Tom Kline, WISS

“I was going to leave the place because of the conditions we had, but PureLiving did a good job and changed the situation completely.”

“Talking to Louie gave us a level of confidence that we could improve things at home… he sounded calm and effectual.”

“We have found PureLiving to be the only environmental testing company that can provide the comprehensive reports that an individual can read (without being an expert in the field) with comparables, explanations and solutions.”
-Director of Residential Services, China, CBRE

“Louie personally showed up with an expert team, and after listening to our concerns carefully they went thoroughly thorough the house and did a full panel of tests. The assessment was informative and professional to a degree that exceeded my expectation and I was happy to find out that I was already doing some things right.”

“We feel very empowered and we’ve done so much to make this house safer that it feels a little bit more like home to all of us.”

“The PureLiving team performed very professional testing but went beyond the numbers to actually finding problem sources…Most importantly, they restored staff confidence and business returned to normal.  Money well spent.”
-Head of Real Estate and Facilities Management, Telstra

“The retesting gave us the confidence to move back in with peace of mind that the problems had been resolved”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to use PureLiving again, or to recommend them to others.”
-Chris Howard, BAML

“PureLiving China isn’t the only company in Shanghai that will test your home for these and other chemicals, but it is the only one that will give you something beyond meter-readings: probable causes and solutions to keep your home clean and safe.”

“We didn’t realize that small changes like taking our shoes off or opening the windows during the day would have such a big impact…
Making these changes cost us nothing but we wouldn’t have known to do it.”

“We found Pureliving to be a very professional company with vast knowledge in their field.”
-Sanny Linwati, Sante Fe

“The company, which is run by Louie Cheng, is very thorough and impartial … They come to your house and run various tests – based on your requirements. The results take a week to come back. Louie takes the time to debrief and produces a great report written in a very clear way. He was also great at returning phone calls and replying to emails very quickly. ”
-Kerry Rees

“Louie sent us a fair amount of scientific research to help us understand that toluene was not as dangerous as some of the other pollutants like formaldehyde or benzene.”

“What impressed me the most was that after we received the reports and the transaction supposedly ended, our consultant, Louie, conducted independent research to try to identify sources of the sewage smell in our bathrooms. His research and suggestion was right on, and we were able to solve a problem that’s been plaguing us for a long time. I certainly didn’t expect this level of service – PureLiving went above and beyond to delight a customer.”

“We recently got our home indoor air tested by a Chinese laboratory that our company uses for the office. They gave us a ‘report’ with the data and basically a conclusion that consist of one line. The standard of comparison used is of course the Chinese standard, which is GB/T18883-2008, which is only available in Chinese language. I can guess what the pollutants are and the limits are in numbers, but it takes a lot of effort. Plus the laboratory does not tell you what the source of the pollutants may be, and how you can improve your indoor air quality! You have to do all the research yourself and make ‘educated’ guesses! A company like PureLiving sounds like the way to go if you want to check and improve your indoor living air/environment.”
-Mei Ling Mann

“PureLiving is the only place I could find (in English!) in Shanghai to test my air quality.  They were professional, efficient, courteous even when coming into my home.  I really liked the way they presented the results of the air and water test: clear, actionable, even color-coded!  And they weren’t all pushy trying to get me to buy something; Louie even game me simple, no-cost options for improving my home.”
-CityWeekend contributer (“Tan”)

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