Comprehensive Approach


  • Provide our customers background consumer information to help you to understand health issues, impacts, causes, and the Chinese context [1]
  • Understand your needs, health, and building symptoms
  • Recommend tests based on your needs, reported symptoms, and home environment type
  • Explain what is being done during the actual testing process


  • Create customized report and action plan
  • Provide all results in plain English
  • Provide you with the context to understand your “house health report card”
  • Show your home’s scores against not only Chinese national standard (which follow WHO guidelines for developing nations) but also against often more rigorous international standards[1]
  • Identify areas of concern and conduct root cause analysis


  • Recommend action plans, incorporating cost-effective  strategies
  • Assist client in making decision
  • Supervise remediation
  • Retest to confirm efficacy

Testing and Remediation of Indoor Air Quality Problems

List of PureLiving Solutions

[1] China uses WHO’s interim target level 1 (developing nations) as guidance for national standards. However, these standards allow for levels as much as 250% higher than the guidelines set for developed countries. (“Update of WHO Air Quality Guidelines,” May 2008). We generally use the US’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s standards, because they are based on science, not policy cost-impact. Where the EPA does not regulate a pollutant, we use the World Health Organization (WHO) or similar regulatory body

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