Office or Building Managers


Office or building managers who want an assessment of office environments or require annual compliance testing

Typical needs of Office or Building Managers may include:

  • Gain peace of mind from getting a health diagnostic “report card” on your  building or office
  • Negotiate more effectively using air and water quality testing results
  • Find and remove toxic mold
  • Determine and eliminate causes of “China”-related asthma, chronic cough, headaches, chemical sensitivity
  • Find out what’s wrong with your air and water so you can choose the right solutions
  • Get help choosing the right air or water filter and get a negotiated discount with major manufacturers
  • Find a source of high quality, tested, monitors, filters, and other devices to improve your building or office
  • Water and air filter product certification
  • Ensure renovations are done right: help with selecting non-toxic materials, contracting with renovation companies, and supervising them
  • Ensure office or building is safe before moving back in after renovation
  • Industrial hygiene testing

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