Developers and Builders


Developers or builders who want to identify potential issues and want to enhance the market attractiveness of their properties to buyers with a clean “bill of health”

Typical needs of Developers and Builders may include:

  • LEED and green building certification and commissioning
  • Post-construction “Bill of Health” certification
  • Assistance with choosing green, environmentally-friendly materials and products
  • Managing contractors during construction or renovation
  • Get help choosing the right air or water filter and get a negotiated discount with major manufacturers
  • Find a source of high quality, tested, monitors, filters, and other devices to improve your building performance
  • Water and air filter product certification
  • Develop and construct a sustainable, healthy, energy-efficient, and cost-effective building
  • Command higher rents and market to an exclusive audience by certifying your property as a green, healthy, and liveable


Case Study 2: Clean “Bill of Health” after Home Renovation

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