Companies & Relocation Agencies


HR department staff or relocation agencies managing expat moves who want to eliminate future issues due to “sick homes”

Typical needs of Companies and Relocation Agencies may include:

  • Protecting your employees and clients from future environmentally-related health problems
  • Provide your employees and clients with a “peace of mind” as they live and work in Shanghai
  • Provide a clean environment for new expats and clients to ensure atrouble-free transition
  • Ensure renovations are done right: help with selecting non-toxic materials, contracting with renovation companies, and supervising them
  • Ensure office or home is safe before reoccupying after shanghai air testing, indoor air, clean air, air purifier, asthma, air analysis, air pollution in china, indoor air quality indoor pollution, water quality assessment, water pollution, quality, analysis, safe drinking waterrenovation
  • Negotiate more effectively using air and water quality testing result
  • Determine and eliminate causes of “China”-related asthma, chronic cough, headaches, chemical sensitivity
  • Find out what’s wrong with your air and water so you can choose the right solutions
  • Get help choosing the right air or water filter and get a negotiated discount with major manufacturers
  • Find a source of high quality, tested, monitors, filters, and other devices to improve your employee’s or client’s home
  • Water and air filter product certification

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