The PureLiving Team

The PureLiving China team is an interesting, diverse and dynamic mix of professionals from various specialised backgrounds, cultures and countries, all with a few things in common – we each personally identify with and are motivated by the issues that PureLiving deals with, we take the PureLiving mission very seriously, we are good at what we do, we put our experience, knowledge, passion and hearts into our work and we have some fun while doing it, too.


(Our Indoor Environmental Consultants and Engineers)

AnnaAnna Chang, Senior Indoor Environmental Consultant

Before joining PureLiving, Anna worked in a Chinese state-owned architectural institute as an interior renovation designer. She also worked at CPCP International Group Co. as a property development planner. Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, is registered as an Architecture Engineer, and has an Associate Constructor Certificate.


Eric Sun, Director of Consulting, China


Eric is from Santa Monica, California and holds a B.S in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego. He previously conducted research at the SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography, focusing on marine cyanobacteria and their effects on the ecosystem.

Eric also volunteered as a lab technician at dental clinics throughout San Diego, which aimed to help the underprivileged. 

Amber Liu, Indoor Environmental Consultant 


Amber holds a Master Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from US, with researching in indoor air quality.  Before back to China and joining in PureLiving family in 2015 Summer, she has worked in a mold restoration company as an environmental consultant, and Eurofins environmental laboratory as an analyst in California.

With interest in sustainable green buildings and indoor environmental quality, Amber passed the WELL Accredited Professional exam this year and becomes one of the first WELL AP.



GraemeGraeme McLeish, Director of Operations, Chengdu

Graeme is from the UK and has lived in China since 2003. Having studied Mandarin at Sichuan University, he then worked in volunteer roles in organisations like the Red Cross and Sichuan Quake Relief.

Becoming increasingly interested in the built environment and the wider issues of sustainability, he decided to further his studies through a Post-Graduate degree in Environmental Management at the University of Surrey, UK. Following this, he gained employment in a reputable London-based NGO working on emission-reduction programmes to help businesses manage and lower energy usage and waste. Through energy and waste auditing, Graeme realised the potential and value of implementing environmental management systems to help organisations realize sustainability goals and process efficiency. He has been with PureLiving since early 2013.

Xu Jun, Engineering ManagerXu Jun

A Shanghai local, Xu Jun came to PureLiving armed with engineering experience at the world’s largest air conditioning enterprise. Now a Project Manager and HVAC Engineer, Xu Jun is a graduate of Northeastern University, and highly accomplished in project design and management. He also enjoys sales and client management. He has a flair for understanding clients’ needs, which combined with his Knowing both the real demand of clients and PureLiving technologies always allows him to propose the most suitable solution for customers. After all, the filtration system solution led and developed by Jun Xu is one of PureLiving’s leading technologies.

Tom WatsonTom Watson, Director of Engineering and Project Management, China

Originally from Birmingham UK, Tom Watson is hitting his sixth year in Shanghai and is enjoying the buzz of life here and managing projects at PureLiving.

Prior to moving to China, Tom worked as Project Manager for York Construction. He also undertook freelance surveying projects in the UK, totalling over eight years experience in construction remediation, and is an enthusiastic advocate of green building technology.


Alex Gao, General Manager, Beijing 

FullSizeRender 2

Alex was born in Fujian province and has lived in Beijing for 12 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from Arizona State University. Alex joined PureLiving Beijing team in 2015. Before that, he worked with Dell, Lenovo, and Targus in various functions: operations, marketing, and strategies.


LouieLouie Cheng, Founder and President 

Originally from the US, Louie has lived and worked in China since 2005.  He founded PureLiving in 2010 after realising that there was no company that could provide reliable and accurate advice for people in China who wanted clean indoor air and water.  Louie has over 20 years of scientific consulting experience as a chemical warfare engineer with the US Army, trained with the US CDC, was an IBM managing consultant, and was formerly the Asia Strategy Director for Thomson Reuters’ Scientific Division.  He has personally led or supervised over 1500 environmental and green building projects in China and the US.

Louie is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association, has trained with the US Centers for Disease Control, and is a graduate of Harvard College and Dartmouth Business School.  Louie is a frequent public speaker for radio, television, CEIBS Business School, and industry associations including CoreNet and IFMA.

1Julian-01Julian Pollmann, General Manager, Suzhou

Julian is from Germany and has been working in the sustainability and building sciences industry in Suzhou since 2011. During his time in China he has conducted projects for medium and large-size commercial and industrial clients. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering from HS Esslingen, University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA degree at HULT International Business School in Shanghai. His expertise includes Indoor Air Quality, System Integration, Design, Retrofit and Commissioning, Project Management, Leadership and Business Development.

In October 2014, Julian came on board the PureLiving team to start up the Suzhou office. He strives to apply his passion and expertise in technical and environmental matters to help companies and individuals by improving the conditions they live and work in.

Chris Drew, General Manager, Chengdu 

Chris Drew

Chris is from San Francisco and has been living in China for 10 years. Having been in Chengdu for over 9 of those years Chris is very comfortable with doing business in the city. Chris has been working with developers of both office and residential projects since 2008 and has seen the transformation the city has made.  While working extensively with the foreign community Chris has seen the importance that air quality has on the lives of those living in and planning to come to the city. Chris joined the PureLiving team in June of 2015 to open up the Chengdu branch of the company. 



IndahIndah Suparta, Accounts Director, Shanghai

Indah studied Hospitality Education at  Switzerland’s Ecole Les Roches and then gained a Real Estate license in Australia. With over 10 years experience working across the Asia Pacific region for international firms such as Banyan Tree and Mandarin Oriental hotels, Savills and Colliers Intrenational Property Consultants, she enjoys using her knowledge and experience of the world of wellness to help her clients at PureLiving create healthy living, learning and working environments. Since joining the PureLiving team fulltime in mid 2013, she has assisted individual homes, multinational companies and international schools for a GFA over 250,000m2

THE keeping-it-all-together TEAM

SerenaSerena Xia, Operations Manager, Beijing

Born in Shanghai, graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and then having lived in Germany in her twenties, Serena joined PureLiving’s Beijing team in 2013. Before that, she was a project manager in a consumer electronics manufacturing company located in North Rhine Westphalia Germany. With more than seven years of experience in project management and customer relationship management, Serena brings experience and perspective to her role in PureLiving.

Vivian Xu, Operations Manager, ShanghaiVivian

Vivian brings over 10 years of experience to PureLiving. Most recently, she served as Office Manager and Operations Manager at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Shanghai office. She also have five years of experience as a technical support and testing administrator at Prometric. Vivian graduated from Shanghai University, majoring in Computer Sciences and Technology.