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Smog Shock
Shanghai Family, 01/12/2014

Surviving Shanghai’s Air
Shanghai Family, 12/06/2013

China’s Newest Market Opportunity: Pollution Control
The Atlantic, 9/05/2013

Army Chemical Specialist’s Formula for Fast Business in China
Forbes, 7/02/2013

China Indoor Pollution More Toxic Than Outside
The Wall Street Journal, 4/12/2013

Chinese Struggle Through ‘Airpocalypse’ Smog
The Guardian, 2/16/2013

PureLiving’s CEO Louie Cheng Come’s Clean
Agenda Beijing, 7/25/2012

The Visionaries
Tuck Today, 06/2012

PureLiving China Expands Indoor Environmental Testing and Remediation Services to Beijing
Press Release, 5/10/2012

Pesticides in China
Bumps & Babes, 5/07/2012

Your Child & Pollution in Shanghai
Bumps & Babes, 12/01/2011

After Reading This, You’ll Want to Hold Your Breath
World Health Store Blog, 11/9/2011

How Safe Is Your Home? Two Expat Families Share Horror Stories
Shanghai CityWeekend, 11/7/2011

Bringing Home Baby Smith
ShanghaiMamas, 8/31/2011

The ABCs of a Healthy Shanghai Home
Urban Family, August 2011

Indoor Air Quality Testing Reaps Surprising Economic Benefits in Shanghai
Press Release, 7/26/2011

Summer of Smog: Shanghai’s Air Quality During the Warmer Months
Shanghai CityWeekend, 5/19/2011

Good To Earth, Good to Us.  Good-to-China Show Us How.
Urban Times, 5/18/2011

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Shanghai Air & Water (but were afraid to ask)
ShanghaiMamas, 4/5/2011

How bad is the pollution in your Shanghai apartment?
CNNGo, 3/15/2011

Eight Do’s and Don’ts to Surviving China’s Winter Indoors, 1/11/2011

Introduction to PureLiving
World Health Store Blog, 12/1/2010

New Indoor Air Quality Testing Company Opens for Business
Live from Beijing, 11/26/2010