About Us

PureLiving China is China’s leading indoor environmental health and safety consulting firm focused on advising our clients on air and water quality, mold, and lead exposure issues. Within our full range of services from testing to problem resolution, our focus is on assessment, root cause analysis, and independent recommendations. We are not tied to any particular brand or type of remediation strategy, but facilitate a wide network of specialists and supervise the work on our clients’ behalf. Customers have described us as “trusted general contractors.”

Like many of our clients, we, the founders of PureLiving China, are foreigners who years ago adopted China as our new home. Having family members who suffered from mold allergies and asthma, we quickly found that China was not an easy place to live. Challenges we encountered included:

  • Low awareness of indoor pollution, particularly the effects of mold and lead
  • Lack of public data on municipal air and water quality, often taken for granted as public “right-to-know” back home
  • No single testing company has the capability to cover the entire range of indoor environmental pollutants
  • Testing companies speak little or no English, provide no advice on what hazards to test for, no interpretation of the results, and are not allowed by law to correct the problems, forcing you to search for another solutions provider
  • Chinese pollution standards are often set lower than international standards, so a “passing” grade in China might mean something entirely different back home
  • Remediation techniques are often misguided or worsened the problem

Testing and ReassuranceEventually, we decided to help others seeking a path to a healthy living environment for their families and peace of mind. PureLiving China was born with the vision of merging the best team of environmental professionals that understand the Chinese landscape and then overlaying this local expertise with international standards and best practices.

We also seek to create “enlightened” customers who take action not because they are scared of something they don’t understand, but because they know enough to be concerned and want to seek a professional to manage and streamline the process. To do so, we are creating a community centered around this website to learn and share experiences and knowledge.

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It’s better to know what’s in your indoor environment and take control of your health.

Our mission:

To help residents in China live healthier and safer inside their homes and other indoor environments by providing international standards of education, assurance and remediation solutions

Our commitment to you:

  • Provide full transparency into the assessment process that allows you to prioritize and understand the environmental factors that impact your health
  • Deliver independent and technical lab analyses through experienced, certified testing partners
  • Stand on your behalf – we will assist you in negotiating with your landlord (or builder) to correct the problem and do it the right way
  • Recommend unbiased remediation strategies that fit your needs and budget

Our partners and involvement in the indoor environmental quality community:

  • Our testing partners are all certified by the national government body for inspections (CMA), have in-house laboratories, a combined 16 years of local testing experience with over 500 residential and commercial clients. See representative client list
  • Our remediation partner network spans a wide range of corrective strategies, draw from international best practices, and include post-remediation testing to conclusively demonstrate effectiveness
  • We are active members of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Clean Air Initiative (CAI), both standards-setting and training industry associations.