Project BREATHE makes waves (and clean air) at Workplace & FM Asia Summit, Shanghai

BREATHE station at IFMA Shanghai, 2014PureLiving introduced Project BREATHE to the recently concluded IFMA Summit in Shanghai, to see it rapidly become a conversation piece at the event.

A BREATHE ‘totem’ stand and clean air filtration systems were set up in a dedicated ‘Workplace of the Future’ space at the event – a showcase of the prerequisites and best practices to creating the ideal workplace. While the filtration system ensured that the indoor air quality levels met and exceeded international standards (US EPA and WHO), the BREATHE totem with an Indoor Air Quality monitor demonstrated the results in real-time.

Attendees at the conference came to the demo Workplace for a breath of fresh air and information on the breakthrough IAQ monitoring technology and the BREATHE strategy.


IAQ monitor in the Totem relayed real-time air quality

IAQ monitor in the Totem relayed real-time air quality

A breath of fresh air at the Workplace of the Future

A breath of fresh air at the Workplace of the Future



BREATHE is an integrated approach to designing healthy workplaces with low emitting materials, air filtration systems, and air quality monitoring.







BREATHE (Building Research and Engineered Air for Total Health) is a research group committed to creating healthy indoor spaces, and is a collaborative effort between PureLiving China, GIGA (a research engine and third-party specialized in construction materials and cloud software), Pure Air Spaces (state of the art, energy efficient products for fresh air ventilation systems) and Haworth (global leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable office furniture). The project aims to raise awareness, accelerate research, empower solutions and increase the amount of publicly available scientific data on Indoor Air Quality.

A great environment for ideas, presentations, innovations, best practices and networking.

The IFMA Summit in Shanghai saw over110 organizations participate, with more than 250attendees from 12 countries and a distinguished panel of speakers and presenters. Business heads, directors, senior managers and site managers made for a vibrant and productive atmosphere for demonstration, exhibition and presentation of best practices and innovations, exchange of ideas, and great networking opportunities.


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