Foreign Businesses in the time of the War on Pollution – the EU Chamber of Commerce took a closer look

Louie Cheng with other keynote speakers

With environmental crises in China dominating many global headlines, the Chinese government has fired the first volley in the war on pollution by releasing landmark revisions to China’s legislation.  Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Law was released. With an unprecedented scheme of enforcement, the EPL has generated a hotbed of discussion and debate in which businesses have been compelled to sit up, take notice and react.

Against this, well, steamy backdrop, PureLiving’s president Louie Cheng took to the Louie Cheng - keynote presentationpodium at the European Union Chamber of Commerce’s symposium on the impact of China’s environmental regulations on foreign businesses.

The event boasted an impressive lineup of keynote speakers : Adam M. Kushner (Former Director, Air Enforcement Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Partner, Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C.), Thomas Shao (Senior Policy Adviser, Evonik), Huang Cheng (Vice-Director, Atmospheric Environmental Institute, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences) and PureLiving’s own Louie Cheng.  Their presentations and deliberations provided the audience incisive analyses and discussions of current policies and their impact on the various aspects of foreign business, as well as sought to explore and understand the implications of the recent revisions and what they portend for the future of foreign business in China.

Supported by DUSA, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China and AustCham Shanghai, ‘The Impact of China’s Environmental Regulations on Foreign Business’, was part of the European Chamber’s Urbanisation Series on Environmental Law.

While the Chinese Government resolves to abandon the growth-at-all-costs developmental model in favour of environmental data transparency, stricter fines and public participation, businesses in China are also committing to more environmentally responsible operations and becoming more aware and responsive towards the health of the workplace environment and its direct correlation with productivity and employee loyalty.

While some speakers addressed the legal ramifications and others discussed the scientific feasibility of enforcement, PureLiving’s speaker Louie Cheng spoke about what actions business owners can take themselves.  His talk entitled ’10 Things Businesses Must Know About Indoor Air Quality to Attract and Keep Talent’ debunked myths and laid out how it IS possible to affordably create good air quality and healthy workplaces in China.


Under the illustrious umbrella of the European Union a Chamber of Commerce, this symposium was a timely and enlightening experience that helped to clear the mists over the usually nebulous state of affairs of environmental regulations.

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