Dulwich College Suzhou pledges fresh and healthy air for entire campus after summer

So what are your plans for the summer?

Dulwich College Suzhou has announced a landmark partnership with PureLiving China on a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality improvement programmme  - the first of its kind on the academic Dulwich College, Suzhou crestinstitution landscape in Suzhou. 

Headmaster John Todd commented, This will be another first for any school in Suzhou and speaking as a parent myself, I am delighted that Dulwich is investing in the fresh air and air purification systems necessary to provide an optimal environment for learning.  

In keeping with its policy of students’ safety first, this major project to be undertaken over the summer, will deliver clean air, guaranteed to meet US EPA health standards for particulates (PM2.5) building-wide.

As PureLiving President Louie Cheng explains it, In most schools in China, administrators are choosing to close all windows and keep outdoor air from entering. This short-sighted approach however, results in dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide and other indoor pollutants. The better way is to filter the incoming fresh air so that all pollutants are removed and students have air that keeps them alert and healthy. The Dulwich program will bring filtered fresh air to all facilities on the Suzhou campus and provide ventilation exceeding ASHRAE (leading US industry body) standards.

Moreover, the system is paired with an integrated energy recovery system which will enable the school to lower heating and cooling costs, resulting in savings of nearly 40%. Finally, the entire system will be managed by an intelligent information management system which links both a real-time accurate outdoor monitoring system with on-demand filtration that turns on and off as needed based on pollution levels.

After rigorous research and a review of competitive proposals by industry leaders, PureLiving China was selected to lead the project based on the quality and repute of our services, our wide experience with international schools and our ability to provide training and best practices. As Headmaster John Todd put it, PureLiving has an impressive track record of successful installations among international schools and demonstrated a deep understanding of our students’ needs. 

PureLiving thanks Dulwich for their partnership and salutes their commitment to healthier schools.

PureLiving has  provided assistance, consultancy, service and technological innovation to over two dozen international schools in China to date in our drive to make schools, workplaces and homes safer and healthier and to create optimal environments for learning, working and living. 


Dulwich Suzhou and PureLiving logos

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