The International School community votes for Clean Air – PureLiving at the ACAMIS Conference

ACAMIS collage, no frame Photo : Shanghai Community International School (SCIS)

The  ACAMIS Spring Conference in March, 2014 saw PureLiving in full force, speaking, educating, demonstrating and inspiring leaders to create clean and heathy schools.

ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) is one of the largest associations of  international schools in Asia, bringing together 450 educators and administrators from 62 schools in China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to network, cooperate and collaborate, both with each other and with external organizations, on educational and professional development and related issues and experiences.

In keeping with the theme of ‘Providing Opportunities that are Just Right’ at the Spring Conference, participants were challenged to rethink existing success and achievement paradigms within school environments. In an atmosphere where ideas were shared, new concepts explored and parameters questioned, new ‘hot’ subjects were given starring roles at this year’s event. In the wake of the ‘Airpocalypse’ that hit Shanghai late last year, Air Quality was the subject of the moment.

As the leading experts in the field, with the experience of over 2,000 testing and remediation projects across China and having worked with two dozen international schools, PureLiving founder Louie Cheng was invited to lead a workshop and a panel discussion for education leaders and administrators on the crucial impact of air quality in a school environment.

During the first session, “Air Quality 101: What You Need to Know,” Cheng gave a nuts and bolts introduction to the most common pollutants found in schools (PM2.5, chemicals, mold, and allergens), trustworthy resources for checking air quality, and the principles of creating clean indoor air.  As the filtration systems installed by PureLiving in host school SCIS silently churned out clean air, Cheng demonstrated PureLiving’s line of indoor air quality monitors that gave anyone with a mobile smartphone the ability to see the level of air pollution in their child’s classroom.ACAMIS Conference

In the second session, “After the Airpocalypse – Lessons learned from the Air Quality Crisis,” heads of China’s international schools discussed the recent impact of air quality.  Common themes: difficulty recruiting new teachers, staff leaving prematurely out of health concerns, and increasing demands by parents for concrete improvements in their children’s classrooms.  Jeff Stubbs, Superintendant of SCIS, cited a drop in recruitment of nearly 20% and then shared how his team had responded by developing management plans, essential tools, and methods of identification and resolution of issues. The competitive advantage of Air Quality management was also a significant point of discussion, having become a criterion that drives parents’ decisions when selecting a school.

With most schools reeling from the shock of the ‘Airpocalypse’, the ACAMIS conference provided an appropriate platform at just the right time. As school managements increasingly vote for cleaner and healthier schools and accord priority to understanding and resolving Indoor Air Quality issues, PureLiving China steps in with its 3-pronged approach of Test-Interpret-Act, while continuing its campaign to educate and motivate in order to create healthier schools, workplaces and homes in China.

SCIS, the host school for the ACAMIS Spring Conference 2014, made for a great ‘live’ illustration of the PureLiving presentations, having partnered with us in their commitment  to addressing and improving Indoor Air Quality and creating a healthy learning environment for their students and teachers. SCIS implemented a multi-phased plan to assess indoor environmental quality, provide improvements and monitor student-learning environments, and have also played a proactive part in educating the school community and sharing strategies with other international schools.

See the SCIS Case Study by PureLiving.

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The International School community votes for Clean Air – PureLiving at the ACAMIS Conference

  1. KC Cheng, M,A. says:

    ” Cheng gave a nuts and bolts introduction to the most common pollutants found in schools “….

    Glad to see you hitting the educational world, starting with the most influential and prestigious. They can take the best from you

    Congratulations, Mr. Cheng!

    KC Cheng


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