PureLiving at the IAQA 17th Annual Conference Day 1


eric1As of PureLiving’s ongoing effort to stay current with the latest developments in indoor air quality research and technology, we head out to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the Indoor Air Quality Association’s 17th Annual Conference.   This year’s gathering takes place in the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, a unique 48-acre resort that houses a river and authentic southern honky-tonk restaurants – all enclosed under a glass roof!




This 3-day conference is headed by a combination of industry experts who share their research and the latest updates to indoor air quality standards along with companies showing off their latest tech.

With 13 sessions on just the first day, I was only to sit-in on a handful of talks!  Not to worry though.  With two other consultants present, we were able to spread ourselves out and cover almost all of the sessions!

The morning sessions I attended focused two HVAC topics: updates to USGBC’s LEED v4 fresh air provisions and a newly proposed international standard for HVAC cleaning professionals, NACDA ACR (Assessment, Cleaning, Restoration).  THE NACDA standard was particularly interesting since it boiled down all the technical jargon found in typical standards’ documentation (if you’ve ever taken a look at remediation standards, know what I’m talking about) into a 32-page practical, easy to follow document.

A particularly interesting device I ran across was a portable (actually, more like luggable in its first iteration) probe that is able to differentiate different types of mold spores in real-time.  It does so by measuring mold spore size along with UV florescence, which is compared against a proprietary database to determine the spore type.



















HVAC disinfectant technology has also been prevalent on the show floor.  Below is an ultraviolet bulb that is used to kill microbes such as bacteria, mold spores, and viruses.  The bulb can installed adjacent to HVAC coil/drip pan equipment or pleated particle filters.




















Stay tuned for more updates!



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