Yes, we are open Saturday for mask and filter sales (11am-5pm)

ShanghaiAirPollutionThe first one was waiting at the door when we arrived at 8am.  The last ones came by hopeful at 8:30pm and left empty-handed.  In between, over a hundred other Shanghai residents, foreign and local, expat execs and students, streamed through our doors looking for a way to cope with the unprecedented choking haze.  We sold over 1200 masks and all the air purifiers were gone before noon.  Everyone on the PL team from our interns to me quickly learned what it feels like to be a short-order cook handling busy lunchtime.  We’re very sorry for all the emails, SMSs, and wechat messages we ignored today.

Although we ran out, we have been scrambling to find more supplies and will have more masks tomorrow.  We have 3M, Moldex, and Vogmasks(please see picture below for detailed description).  We will open, so feel free to come by.  Since we are not sure when deliveries will arrive, please call (021-3469-2269) first to check.

Air purifiers are hard to come by.  We have a good number of Blueair 400-series replacement filters if you own a purifier and need to change it out.  Blueairs can be preordered so you are in the queue for when supplies arrive.  We also have a supply of Airgle and Austin Air filters on the way and should arrive by early next week.

Our address:

77 Tai’an Lu (near Xingguo Lu)


Changning District (but basically Xujiahui)


1F, West Building.  Come in through the black gates and straight ahead you will see the PureLiving sign on the wall.  We’ll have our air purifiers on and a pot of strong black coffee in case anyone else hasn’t gotten much sleep this week!

PureLiving Mask Brochure 10.12.2013

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Yes, we are open Saturday for mask and filter sales (11am-5pm)

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Louie,

    Do you have Moldex fastfit in stock or just vogmask?



    • Louie says:

      Christine, we have one more Fastfit in stock. Please call the office (3469-2269) if you would like to come by and pick it up. Let them know I said I was bringing one in for you.


  2. Louie Cheng says:

    VOGMASKS just arrived! First come first served –

  3. Yuchen Song says:

    Before this month, I never thought this kind of haze would happen in Shanghai and Jiangsu. So bad…I am paying attention to the daily air quality news in Eastern China now even during this busy final exam period. And I keep reminding my parents in Nanjing to wear masks.

    And I guess that Pureliving should be super busy at this moment. Take care and good luck, Louie and other PL team members :)



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