The Deadly Mystery of Room 225

The invisible killer took another life.  After three deaths in the same hotel room, the mysterious culprit was discovered to be none other than…Carbon Monoxide.  It’s a true tragedy and shame that three lives had to be lost before the high levels of the pollutant were discovered.

Here are three tips to help you avoid something like this from ever happening to you:

1. Don’t trust appearances.  Nice homes and buildings can hide deadly poisons like the carbon monoxide in this home.

2. Don’t assume that problems will be taken care of over time.  While this took 3 tragic deaths before being exposed,  we see sick houses go right back onto the market with no corrective action and law does not require full disclosure of history.

3.  Using air filters wont protect you against carbon monoxide or many other indoor pollutants.   Only way to know is to test and once discovered, there are other solutions.

For the full article and video see CNN


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