Over 5,800 Pig Carcasses Found in Shanghai River…Time to Add a Water Filter

If you have ever considered getting a water filter for your home or office, the recent news of thousands of pig corpses floating in a Chinese river is all the assurance you need. Shanghai resident, Huang Beibei, posted infamous pictures of Shanghai’s Huangpu River filled with dead pigs, which then caught the attention of mainstream media. For a river that supplies 80% of Shanghai’s drinking water, this is an eerie discovery.

Dead Pigs in Huangpu River

Workers retrieve pig carcasses from Huangpu River in Shanghai. Nearly 6,000 dead pigs have been found in the major water source. Photo:REUTERS

Although authorities have found traces of porcine circovirus in the water and are crediting the pigs’ deaths to the non-fatal to human virus, one still has to wonder if the polluted water killed the pigs and if the decomposing carcasses are now polluting the drinking water?

These recent events are making the public more aware of the state of their H20 and the importance of having clean and safe drinking water, and PureLiving has 5 key takeaways for you:

1) China’s groundwater drinking water sources are very polluted (Huangpu is typically rated 4 to 5 out of scale of 1-5, 1 being best and 3 unfit for human consumption).

2) Water that is untreated should not be considered hygienic.

3) For the most part, water coming out of your taps has been treated by municipal or private treatment plants and is subject to regular water testing.

4) However, enforcement of regulations is not always consistent and the system may not be able to deal with shocks to the system or events of high pollution (ie. chemical spill in Songjiang two months ago and this biological pestilence).

5) For this reason, whole house or drinking water filtration is a recommended line of defense or insurance.


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