Community Talk: The Clear Solution to the Murky Truth about Shanghai’s Water and Air

Please join Louie Cheng of PureLiving China and Dr. Yong Lee of American Medical Center in Shanghai this Wednesday at Melange Oasis to learn the facts the about Shanghai’s air and water quality and what you can do to create a healthy home and working environment.

Questions that will be addressed include:
- PM2.5 – what is it, why is it “crazy bad” and what can you do about it?
- What are the biggest indoor air pollutants and what can I do to reduce their impact?
- Which is healthier, living in Pudong or Puxi?
- Ten things to look for when buying or renting a new house in Shanghai
- How do I know if I have a mold problem? How do I fix it?

Location: Melange Oasis in Jiashan Market, 550 Shanxi Nan Lu near Shaoxing Lu
Time: 10:30AM-12:00PM
Fee: 50RMB includes free flow coffee & tea

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Community Talk: The Clear Solution to the Murky Truth about Shanghai’s Water and Air

  1. xerxes says:

    It is unfortunate that a doctor from AMC is involved cause this decreases the cridibility: AMC may be interesed in curing athletics but hardly in curing normal people

    • Louie Cheng says:

      Actually, AMC does have a general practice besides just sports medicine. They have one of the few programs in China to diagnose heavy metal toxicity and perform chelation therapies, which is why we do refer people to them and ask them to speak on it.

      Also, Dr. Lee used to be the internal medicine Chief Medical Officer for Parkway — fairly good credibility, as far as experience in China.

      Happy to provide you the presentations to give you a balanced perspective.

      • xerxes says:

        The fact is that the psysiotheapeutic exercises I have been shown by their physiotherapists repeatedly have caused new injuries instead of curing the original ones. When I took it up with AMC and asked which responsibility they take for what has happened, they were not interested in talking to me anymore (unless I paid). Moreover, I have met different doctors each time and there seems not to be much (if any) communication between them, because each doctor tends to tell me different things. The doctor you mention happened to prescribe a too high dosis of sleeping pills (an over-dosis, according to the doctor I had to consult elsewhere), which caused deep death anxiety for several days. They refuse to send me my medical records, which makes it difficult for me to get adequate treatment from another clinic. On basis of my experiences, I can come to no other conclusion than that this clinic is unprofessional and more interested in people’s money than in their health.

        • Louie Cheng says:

          I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with this medical facility. I will forward your comments on and wish you better luck.


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