What have you always wanted to know about air pollution reporting in Shanghai?

Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center

Ever wonder…

…if the reported air pollution numbers are accurate?

…why the US Consulate’s numbers are different than the government’s?

…how Shanghai chose the location of its 18 monitoring stations?

…what the Chinese environmental monitors worry about in their own homes?

This week, we’ve been invited to visit the folks at Shanghai’s Environmental Monitoring Center (SEMC).  They are the brains behind all the numbers reported online and on TV, news, and even those ubiquitous iPhone air quality apps that are popping up everywhere.  In turn, they’ve asked about the hundreds of sets of data that we’ve collected on households and offices in Shanghai.  I’m excited to share info with them and find out what really goes into those numbers.  Our friend and environmental policy guru Angel Hsu wrote up her visit to the SEMC recently here.

If you have any questions you’ve been curious about,  let us know before this Wednesday!

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