Day 2: Better ways to clean

Las Vegas is probably the only airport in the world where you can walk off the plane and instantly know where you are.

But, as faithful PureLiving blog readers know, I am here for knowledge and knowledge alone. Disregarding all the slot machines, I made it out to the convention center to attend the first pre-conference technical session on “Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality Health.”

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Today I’m passing on some cleaning best practices shared by the speaker (who runs among other things, a business that cleans decomposing bodies at crime scenes):

1. 25% of all people are genetically predisposed to mold allergies (therefore important to avoid excessive moisture).

2. Why is good cleaning important? 50% of all gastrointestinal cases are caused by the fecal-oral route (also listed under facts you’d rather not have known).

3. Best way of cleaning is to go old-school. Clean first to remove the dirt and debris, then use disinfectant. Cleaning products that claim “all-in-one” cleaning and disinfecting almost always are inferior.

4. Why doesn’t bleach work well to kill and remove mold? The active ingredient in bleach, sodium hypochlorite, gets deactivated when it comes in contact with organic material. Also, bleach loses strength quickly with time — estimated 10% loss of strength for every month of shelf life. Finally, bleach is mostly water, which is left behind in the porous material the mold is on top of, giving the surviving mold spores more water to replicate.

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Day 2: Better ways to clean

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