Day 1: Leaving on a jet plane

This week I’m leaving the wintry cold of Shanghai for sunny Las Vegas for the 2012 Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) annual meeting. The IAQA is our industry’s largest organization and includes indoor air testing labs, consultants, remediators, lawyers, facilities engineers, and a whole bunch of equipment vendors.

City skyline from Beijing Capital International Airport

It’s a great opportunity to attend exciting training sessions such as “Bed Bugs: Basics, Biology, and Beware!” and “Method and Clearance Criteria for Surface Sampling in Post-Remediation Verification for Indoor Mold Growth Contamination”). It’s also a chance to catch up with industry experts, many of whom average decades of experience, and build networks. Finally, I’ll be giving sneak peeks of interesting technology we preview at the show.

First stop was Beijing. As you can see, Beijing continues to dominate in the worst air content compared to Shanghai. I caught up with emissions expert and good buddy Vance Wagner to find out the latest. Interestingly, within two weeks of the government starting to report on PM2.5 pollution levels, an enterprising individual has released a free (ad-supported) Chinese language iPhone app that shows the daily trends in a really attractive format. Funny thing is that the developer chose to source data from the US Embassy Twitter feeds instead of the official government data. Guess trust is earned, not given!

Arriving at San Francisco International Airport

Next stop was San Francisco. I took another photo from the airport just to show the difference in air clarity. Definitely not in China anymore.

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