Tutorial: Using your new TCL-Delonghi dehumidifier

High humidity is one  of the most common source of mold, mildew, unpleasant organic odors, dust mites, and pests.  Controlling the amount of moisture in the air is easy with a good dehumidifier.  We love our TCL-Delonghi dehumidifiers, but some clients have asked us to help with instructions since the manual and controls are in Chinese.  A picture is worth 1000 words, so a 3-min video must be worth a short book, right?


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Tutorial: Using your new TCL-Delonghi dehumidifier

  1. De feraudy says:

    I bought a neww dehumificaterfrom telemarket.
    I can t get any drop of water what shall i do , ????
    My room is 80 % humidity…
    I read the notice book every thing seems easy but…
    Tkank you for your help

    • Louie Cheng says:

      Sounds like the dehumidifier may be on the wrong mode and is not on dehumidification mode — may be in fan only or filter only. Look for that in the manual.

      Your retailer should be able to help you. Have you contacted him?


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