How to be more successful in Green Building projects and renovations

This coming Thursday (7/21), I’ll be giving a talk at the monthly Green Drinks meeting on the importance of indoor environmental quality within China. In the past, I’ve spoken about indoor air and water in Shanghai, but this will be a little different and focus more on how indoor air quality impacts green building and renovation projects.

If you’re in the building or property management space, as an architect, designer, renovations contractor, facilities manager, developer, or even individual landlord or resident, you may find this interesting.  Since we started PureLiving last year, we’ve now completed over 50 residential and commercial projects; this talk will draw from real case studies and lessons learned in the field.

If you haven’t been to a Green Drinks event before, it’s a monthly gathering of people (Chinese and foreigners) who are in green building, health & wellness, sustainable projects and products, and really anyone involved in bettering our environment.  Lots of interesting folks, free drinks and food, and you only have to listen to me for 20 min :)

Details are below (or at this link).  The talk will be in Chinese and English.  Hope to see you there!

Green Drinks ChinaGreen Drinks Shanghai


yihua presents: Green Drinks Shanghai #24

Watch live online here 在线视频播放

Presentation by:

Louie Cheng, 董事长,纯境环境技术有限公司,室内环境解决方法

Louie 会与我们分享从他在上海检测空气,水和提高空气质量,减少霉菌和创造健康环境的经验里得出的想法和观点。 他的演讲会回答以下问题:






Louie Cheng, President, PureLiving China, Indoor Environmental Solutions.

Louie is the founder of PureLiving China, an indoor environmental testing and consulting firm.  A former US Army chemical warfare officer, Louie has trained with the Indoor Air Quality Association and the US CDC.  He is a graduate of Harvard College and Dartmouth Business School.

Louie will share insights from his experience testing air & water, improving air quality, battling mold, and creating healthy spaces in Shanghai.  His talk will answer:

* How can indoor environmental quality increase marketability and rent, generate energy savings, and win renter/employee loyalty?

* How do Chinese and international quality standards differ?

* Why is environmental quality critical for LEED accreditation and greenbuilding?

* How can air testing take the headache out of managing renovations?

* 10 myths about clean air and water


July 21st 6:30 PM – 七月二十一号六点半晚

Drinks start at 6:30. Talk Starts at 7:30. Panel and drinks after.



Muraya DCE Shanghai

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Muraya DCE Shanghai
4F, Building B, 1000 Chang Ping Road
Jing’An District Shanghai 200424楼B座1000昌平路

How to get there

Metro Line 7 Chan Ping Road


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Everyone is welcome and it is FREE. 所有人皆可免费参与


Those interested in making the world a better and Greener place. 想要让世界变得更好更环保的人

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The event is FREE thanks to our sponsors. Drinks and light snacks will be provided. If you or your company is interested in a more active role with Green Drinks please contact us.

感谢我们的赞助商. 我们届时提供饮料和小点心.如果你或是你的公司希望可以在GreenDrinks中扮演更多的角色,请联系我们。

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