Happy Chinese New Year’s!

Warm wishes to all of our PureLiving friends in Shanghai, China, and beyond!Year of the Rabbit

We’ll be taking a week off, but expect to see lots of new developments on the blog in the year of the rabbit.  On the drawing board:

  • A review of the major air pollution masks available in China.  Our panel of testers will rate masks based on fit, comfort, looks, durability, and we will use test equipment to report on actual effectiveness.  Totobobo, Respro, I Can Breathe, 3M, and even the favored quilted cotton masks will be in the shootout
  • Graphical testing of the impact of different activities on your indoor air: ventilating with outdoor air, smoking, burning incense or candles, using exhaust fans.
  • Lead  testing of food (root veggies, preserved eggs, traditional Chinese medicine) and outdoor soil
  • What do the numbers mean? An explanation of how to read the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center’s very helpful (and misleading) website and how to use the numbers to protect yourself.  See our earlier post on the air reporting website
  • How do I find a reputable bottled water supplier? We’ve recently come across some scary examples of fake water and will share what to watch out for.

What else do you want to see?  Post the questions you’ve always wanted to know  and we’ll try to find you an answer.

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