Wellness Works Health Fair

On Sunday, Nov 7, between 10am-5pm, PureLiving China will be participating in the Wellness Works health and wellness fair at Jiashan Market, Shanghai.  We’ll have a booth with interactive games, a hands-on sampling of common home hazards (preserved egg, anyone?) and a free mini-assessment.  There will also be a instant lucky draw where you can win a free indoor home or office assessment worth 2000 rmb, vouchers worth 250-500 rmb, some great VOC-eliminating plants to freshen up your home, and free lead testing.

I’ll also be giving a short talk at 1pm titled, “Healthy Homes: Improving Indoor Environmental Quality in China,” where I’ll share the story of how PureLiving got started and some specific ways in which indoor living in China differs from where some of you might be used to.

Hope to see you there!

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