• Benefits:

    1.Work Efficiency and Staff Retention
    ▪Quickly assess overall portfolio performance
    ▪Good health and well-    being to give staff and occupants peace of mind
    2.Certificating, Marketing, and Branding
    ▪IEQ credits for RESET, WELL, and LEED certification.
    ▪Staff, occupants, and clients attraction
    3.Environmental, Social, Governance
    ▪ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) is becoming a necessity for many businesses
    ▪Behavior change through the awareness of IEQ impact of human actions    


  • Product:

    As an integrated indoor environmental quality management system, Qlear can:
    ▪Integrate many smart data sorting techniques to bring building data to life.
    ▪Identify, analyse, and diagnose building performance.
    ▪Powers and features building certification standards including LEED, WELL, RESET, and FITWELL.
    ▪Applies to projects of all sizes, from commercial offices, campuses, hotels, retails, to individual interior spaces.

    Qlear Feuture Overview:

       ▪Automated Reporting
    ▪Automated Graphs
    ▪Kiosk Dashboard
    ▪Workspace Management
    ▪RESET Virus and Qlear Filteration Index


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